Frequently Asked Questions

Bin and Dumpster Cleaning Services


What areas do you service?
We currently service parts of Charlotte, Concord, and Huntersville, North Carolina.


How often should my trash and recycling bins be cleaned?
Your bins will be cleaned by Queen City Bins every 4 weeks or 12 weeks on trash/recycle day after they have been emptied. This maintains clean and healthy bins that might otherwise be a breeding ground for germs, odor & grime.


Do you offer one time cleans?
Unfortunately, no. One time cleanings are not as cost effective and not as healthy for your home as regularly scheduled cleanings.


Do you offer a Referral Incentive?
Yes, Yes, Yes!! Have your friends & neighbors give us your name when they call to enroll & we will happily give you a free service for each referral (unlimited!!).


When can my service begin?
A Customer Support representative will confirm your start date depending on your community’s route. Often times we can confirm you for the week that you enroll and then place you onto the same schedule as your neighbors the following month.


Do I have to sign up ALL of my trash bins?
No, but you likely will wish you did. You tell us which of your trash bins you want to be enrolled in any of our service plans- please note that swapping bins is not allowed. Additional bins are $10 if at the same address & on the same day.


How do I sign up for your service?
You can sign up for services online at our website or by calling 980.808.5595.


How will I know that my bins have been cleaned?
In addition to your bins smelling and looking clean, we will place an easily removable note on the lid to confirm that your bin has been cleaned by Queen City Bins.


If I miss my service date because of my mistake; will you reschedule my service day?
Our industry operates in the same manner as our trash collection peers in that it is the client’s responsibility to have their bin(s) empty and curbside on service days. We are unable to credit/reschedule visits and will return on your neighborhood’s next scheduled day.


Sometimes I take my trash bins in early and don’t leave it at the curbside, how would it be cleaned?
We ask you leave your bin at the curbside, once it is cleaned we will place your bin at the side of your garage or at a spot we have agreed for it be placed. We will call, text and/or knock on your door.


How will I know when my service is scheduled each month?
Our automated system will text message you the evening prior as an alert. We also have a convenient client portal on our website that contains your account information. If you are a first time user or have forgotten your password please use the "forgot password” feature.


What if my HOA will not allow my cans out past a certain time on trash collection day?
This is really never a problem as our routes typically are completed by late afternoon or early evening. Please give us the contact information to the HOA Board and/or Manager, and we will discuss the situation with them to see if we might be able to come up with a solution that can make allowance for a possible exception during Queen City Bins service day. Most HOAs work with us to best serve the residents of the community.


Why should I have my trash bin cleaned?
Using a water hose and broom to clean your trash and recycle bins is not sufficient to remove or kill all of the bacteria and diseases that breed in your bins, such as; Tuberculosis, Strep, Staph, E-Coli, Salmonella & Listeria. In fact, you may only be adding to the problem. We not only clean your bins, we disinfect, sanitize and deodorize using our environmentally friendly custom Queen City Bins truck.


You have cleaned my trash bin but there is still dirt/grime inside the bin. Why is this?
We have found that some of the trash or recycle bins we clean can take a few cleaning cycles to remove the build-up that has accumulated over time. We make every effort to clean your trash bins to the highest standards, and in time, we have found that our curbside machine will remove the most stubborn grime. In the meantime, Queen City Bins has eliminated the odors and germs in your bins.

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